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Access, Fairness, Public Trust and Confidence Committee

Accountability Courts

Administrative Office of the Courts

African American History Month - 2016

African American History Month - 2017

African American History Month - 2018

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Annual Report

AOC Customer Portal

AOC Supported Entities

Appellate Courts


Basic Rules of Court Conduct

Bi-lingual Domestic Relations Forms

Board of Court Reporting


Calendar of Events


Case Count


Child Support Commission

Child Support Courts

Citrix Plug In

Commission on Interpreters

Communications, Children, Families, and Courts

Contact Information (AOC)

Council of Juvenile Court Judges

Council of Magistrate Court Clerks, Inc.

Council of Municipal Court Clerks

Council of Probate Court Judges

County and Municipal Probation Advisory Council

Council of State Court Judges

Council of Superior Court Judges

Court Administrators (GCCA)

Court Conduct

Court Forms

Court of Appeals

Court Professionals

Court Reporter

Court Rules

Courts Directory

Courts Journal

Current Events

Customer Portal 



Domestic Violence Benchbook

Domestic Violence Committee

Domestic Violence Grant

Domestic Violence/Protective Order Forms






Family Violence Commission

Family Violence Intervention Programs

Federal Courts

Financial Administration Division

Find your Court

Firearms License

Foreign Language Interpreters



Gender Bias Report (1991)

Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution

Georgia Commission on Family Violence

Georgia Commission on Interpreters

Georgia Council of Court Administrators

Georgia Courts Directory

Georgia Courts Journal

Georgia Courts

Governmental and Trial Court Liaison



Human Resources



Information Technology

Inmate/Habeas Forms



Job Opportunities

Justice for Children

Judicial Council of Georgia

Judicial Qualifications Commission

Judicial Services

Judicial Records Retention Committee

Judicial Workload Assessment Committee

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court Forms


Legal Services



Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court Forms

Media Contacts

Municipal Court



National Court Links


Office of Communication/Children, Families and the Courts

Office of Research and Data Analysis

Organization chart of Georgia’s Courts


Probate Court

Probate Court Forms

Process Servers



Records Retention

Research and Data Analysis


Rules of the Judicial Qualifications Commission  


Site Map

Small Claims Court


State Bar of Georgia Handbook 

State Court

State Holidays

Superior Court

Superior Court Forms

Supreme Court of Georgia

Supreme Court Committee on Justice for Children

Sustain Plug In


Traffic Information Process System (TIPS)

Trial Courts


Uniform Rules of the Court of Appeals

Uniform Rules of the Juvenile Court

Uniform Rules of the Magistrate Court

Uniform Rules of the Municipal Court

Uniform Rules of the Probate Court

Uniform Rules of the State Court

Uniform Rules of the Superior Court

Uniform Rules of the Supreme Court

Uniform Transfer Rules 


Veterans’ Courts


Websites by County

Women's History Month - 2016

Women's History Month - 2017

Women's History Month - 2018


Your Guide to the Georgia Courts