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Georgia Justice Information System (GAJIS) - SUSTAIN
SUSTAIN provides a cutting-edge, highly configurable court case management system that provides an efficient method of organizing, storing, and retrieving case information to support a variety of court record keeping and case management functions. The SUSTAIN database supports all types of court cases, including civil, criminal, traffic, domestic relations, probate, juvenile and others and is available at no cost to any of Georgia’s Courts.

As of May , 2011, 42 county and municipal court sites across the state are operating remotely on centrally located servers over the Internet as part of Operation SUSTAIN over Citrix (OSOC).

There are over 100 local installations of SUSTAIN (94 courts). Court sites are able to "go live" the day after training.

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Judge Sylvia Stone, Coffee County Probate Court
"We have used SUSTAIN over Citrix for nearly 14 months. The software meets our needs, prints all the reports we are required to do, and meets the requirements of Georgia statutes as to marriages and firearms licenses. There are at least three very good reasons for using SUSTAIN: (1) the wonderful support of the AOC technicians, (2) the support team will customize (where permitted) the program to fit the needs of the individual courts, and (3) the software and support are provided to the county at no cost to us."



"As Chief Magistrate of Evans County, I offer the following comments about the sustain/citrix program. These comments reflect the sentiment of Emily Downs and Betty Oliver, Clerks of the Evans Magistrate Court.

The sustain program has met our needs and expectations toward court caseload management and fiscal accountability all at no cost to our county. The area sustain support staff are always willing and available to assist us with problems or improvements and have offered a variety of resources that we were unaware of to begin with. We officially began the sustain program on April 1, 2005, and look forward to additions and expansions of the program. We currently are using all components of the program available on sustain with the exception of checkwriting which we plan to begin in the near future." - Judge Larry S. Anderson, Chief Magistrate Evans County