General Information:

Q: When printing a form I receive a "Working Directory Not Specified" error.

A: Click on Setup/Preferences. Enter C:\ in the working directory. Click Save.

Q: How do I change my settings so that I can enter the date MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY?

A: Click on Setup/Preferences. Click on the date format you want to use. Click Save.

Q: My Case Numbers have the Judge's code as part of the number (ex. 00CR0001-JBATDY).

A: When assigning the case number using the Sustain Date Entry Wizard, make sure the Official Suffix box is NOT checked.

Q: How do I add an Official to my Official Table?

A: Choose Official from the Reference drop-down box. Click on the "Add a Record" button. Add the information then click on the "Close the Active Window" button.

Q: When I use the Workflow Statistics Assistant I receive a "No Statistic Records Found" error.

A: Workflow Statistics have to be generated before the assistant can load your statistical information. Login to Domain Administration and highlight the Organization you want to generate Workflow Statistics for. Click on Utilities/Generate Workflow Statistics. Choose Case [CAS] from the entity drop-down box and enter a begin year (should be the year you first started entering cases in SUSTAIN). After workflow statistics have been generated, you should be able to use the assistant in SUSTAIN.

Q: How do I change a File ID?

A: Click on Tools/Utilities. Choose Change File ID and click OK. Enter the old File ID in the From box and the new File ID in the To box. Click OK. The utility will let you know that the File ID has been changed.

Q: Can I make a copy of a file?

A: Yes. Click on Tools/Utilities Choose Copy File and Click OK. Enter the Division and File ID of the case you are copying in the From portion of the window. Enter the Division and new File ID in the To portion of the window. Click OK. The utility will let you know that the File has been copied. You can now open the copied file and make the necessary changes.

Q: How do a change the Record or Browse views on an entity?

A: Click on Setup/Entities. Highlight the entity you want to change and click the Views button. Choose Browse or Record from the Views drop-down box. Move the fields you want above the line that states ****Fields below are Not in View**** by double-clicking on that field. Use the up and down arrows to the put the field where you want it. Click on Save.

Q: When I print the Marriage License Application, the address for the Bride and Groom does not print.

A: The county was not entered in the Bride and/or Groom entities. Enter the county, then print the application again.

Q: How do I close out my General Ledger Accounts at the end of our fiscal year?

A: The Year End Close Utility allows you to close out the General Ledger Accounts at the end of the fiscal year, whether it is June 30th or December 31st, and prepare for the coming year. General Ledger Transactions for the previous year and General Ledger Masters are copied to backup files. The General Ledger Transaction file is created empty (unless you have General Ledger Transactions for the new year and tell SUSTAIN to put them in the new file). The new General Ledger Master will have the balances in the Previous Period fields. It moves the Period amounts for the year you are closing into the “Previous” amount fields, and moves the ending balance to the Begin Balance field. In addition, the Fiscal year start Date is updated. Follow this link for instructions of how to do this.