What is GAJE (Georgia Judicial Exchange)?

Georgia leads in the creation of the next generation of national electronic filing standards that will be used by courts to exchange documents and data. After the initial implementation of electronic filing, the project can expand to allow for filing of a sizeable range of legal documents in other types of cases and then further expand to allow for judicial data exchanges other than electronic court filing. Working with the Department of Human Resources’ Office of Child Support Services, JC/AOC IT provides the infrastructure and technology to transfer Child Support pleadings and documents to the superior courts in which the cases will be heard. This system interfaces with both the STARS system used by the child support offices and a variety of case management and docketing systems used in the courts. This electronic process greatly facilitates the filing and case initiation processes, saving both the Office of Child Support Services and the receiving courts a significant amount of time and resources. This system is the largest filer of civil case documents in the state with over 150 superior courts currently using the child support application. We continue our work in building data exchanges to share data among disparate systems used across the state.

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